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Deep Treatment - 8oz

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Intense pampering for dry hair
Product Story
It seems that every time I meet a Jessicurl customer, the most common thing they say to me is “I LOVE your Deep Conditioner!” They say it with a sincerity usually reserved for, oh, I don’t know, favorite ice cream flavors or designer shoes. I can tell how much they really mean it. And why shouldn’t they? It is INSANE how moisturizing this conditioner is. It used to be called “Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment” but then I heard from more and more curlies that they were using it every day, and some were even using it as a leave in. Who am I to limit how much you use your favorite conditioner, right? Thus, I dropped “Weekly” and just left it at Deep Conditioning Treatment. It’s thick, it’s rich, it’s moisturizing, it doesn’t build up – it really is the ideal formula for restoring moisture to dry curly hair. It also works great as a shaving cream – that even includes bald men! :).

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Our most popular size, just right for the shower or beside the sink.
“I can’t sing enough praises about this product. It is by far the best conditioner I have ever tried. It makes my hair feel fantastic. I am finally experiencing that soft feeling I heard so many speak of when using a deep treatment. I don't think I can ever do without this now!”– GF

“Can we say "Hair Affair"?! Oh my goodness. My hair thanked me over and over again for using this product. I cannot say when a product made my hair feel so soft and well conditioned. This will definitely stay in my stash.” – CC

“This product is AMAZING! My coils say thank you! This made my hair super soft and super easy to detangle. It was almost like the tangles melted away!” – PF

“This Deep Conditioner provided me with moisture and softness the likes of which I have never seen! Now I want to try the whole line!” – OS