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Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil - 2 oz.
Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil from Jessicurl's line of conditioning products

Botanical blend to encourage healthy hair growth
Product Story
I really really love this lovely blend of oils, herbs and essential oils. Each ingredient is known for its hair growth properties and it feels REALLY good to do a scalp massage with it. While it won’t re-grow hair on a bald head, (sorry Dad!) it can encourage healthy hair growth for people who still have hair. The essential oils will impart a lovely tingling sensation to your scalp and the other oils in it will make your curls amazingly soft.

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Testimonials Ingredients Usage
Ideal size for traveling or trying out the product for the first time.
“This oil is great! I love the cooling sensation and it really moisturizes the scalp and hair. Makes my hair soft and manageable, plus it soothes an itchy, irritated scalp. Smells so good too!”– SM

“Love this oil! As the temperature drops my scalp becomes quite dry and irritable, and this oil works WONDERS! I apply and then shampoo hours later, and it instantly transforms my scalp. As an added bonus, the oil moisturizes the hair so well after shampooing my hair feels super soft and healthy, but not weighed down or greasy. Plus it's ALL natural - can't beat that!” - AC